Op "P" March-April 1983 64w

DBA: Business As Usual 20-minute 9" flexi (R. Fredde, 688 Boyd St. Santa Rosa, CA 95401, $3) "Mood music for economic collapse" reads the insert, as good a description of this background "industrial" music as I could muster, designed for playing while doing routine work or reading the newspaper. Conceived entirely on homemade synthesizers. -JF

Typed by Cheryl Vega 6-11-95

************** OP "V" March/April 1984 100w !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DBA: Four & Out 9" flexi (c/o R. J. Fredde, 478 Angelus St., Santa Rosa, CA 95401, 3,$4 overseas) A nice companion to the Business As Usual flexi. It's an all-electronic piece (some taped background voices) in 4 movements (Theme, Block up, Jungle-562, and News From the Front respectively). It's not pleasant listening exactly, as it goes for very electronic-sounding tones (low one's are especially nice and resonant), but it's cohesive and finds a good midway point between the sounds of industry and more conventional e-music compositions. -JF

Typed by Cheryl Vega 6-12-95