OP "V" March/April 1984 319w

banned PRODUCTIONS has "forced itself into the steaming nether world of cassette publication" with an industrial strength 2-band entry from abstract belief and AMK/ab. The contrast between the sounds on the tape, the corny porn collage of the sleeve, and the accompanying religious tract concerning Satan vs. Christ is too severe and unclear for me. $4 cash only from banned PRODS., POB 492, Fremont, CA 94537.

Ken Clinger has put together a chronological compilation of his experiments; some nice sounds and some irritating ones, too -- I'm sure he enjoyed putting it together. He's most interested in swapping for other indie tapes, but $4 will get you one in any case. Write Ken at 1553 Pine #2, S.F., CA 94109.

The latest Girls on Fire tape is called "Life is Funny -- I Think I'll $hoot Myself" and is thoroughly repugnant, which is to say, exactly as they intended. $2.99 from L. Singer, 1405 Van Ness Ave., #407, S.F. CA 94109

DISCERN, who distribute tapes by the Dave, Leslie Singer, His of Mus, and many more, have changed their name to JHRICKO (pronounced jay-ri ko) Recordings. Send $2 for History of Music compilation or SASE for complete list and prices or trade a tape. 1052 Capp, S.F., CA 94110

Bovine Productions is proposing a project called "Winnie and Friends"; compilation tapes of "anything that you now regret, or are too shy to expose to the world, or just don't know what to do with." Just send in your taped contribution (open reel, 8-track, etc. is OK), a "nom de tape," and your real name and address to Bovine, c/o Klinger, 1553 Pine No.2, S.F., CA 94109. And remember, W & F is looking for "regretted, embarrassing or forgotten recordings rather that impressive ones. Professionalism is frowned upon." Contributors will receive copies, of course.

Typed by Cheryl Vega 6-12-95