received from B. Golden on oct 20 1996 excerpt from opium text from SMOKE copyright 1991 K. Atchley 273w

# I gazed about the room. My eyes briefly fixed on the climbing and falling LED's of the cassette deck. One of Phil Harmonic's repetitive, quirkily changing CD works* was playing. I was absorbed in listening. Elegant patterns formed, repeated and after a while new ones formed and played. Each note of the recorded piano seemed to exist perfectly for its own span of time then vanished allowing all other notes to come into existence and accordingly end abruptly or fade. Thoughts came to mind and drifted off leaving a comfortable awareness of my breathing, the bed, the music, the room.

* Phil Harmonic aka Kenneth Werner, U.S. born composer, avant-garde art and social theorist, and performer. In his the recent composition A Score For The Operation Of Machines (1991)/ Playing Through The Monumental Works Of The Great Masters (1991) instrumented for multiple compact disc players and compact disc recordings of works by well known composers, Harmonic has developed a technique for "looping" segments from CD recordings and through the use of multiple CD players and recordings overlaps the repeating phrases, changes one phrase while continuing the others and so on. All of this performed with the casual and unhurried sense of timing inherent in his other works. In one particularly notable work of the series Harmonic remaps the territory of Beethoven's "Fur Elise" and allows the the listener to examine details of its landscape in a manner similar to the way that -through memory- one might "replay" a work of music or "re-view" a painting.