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From sfraves-request@medisg.Stanford.EDU Wed Nov 4 16:44:38 1992 From: Brian Behlendorf (Vitamin B) Date: Wed, 4 Nov 92 16:16:04 -0800 Subject: Bye, George

Well, I was SO HAPPY about last night's election that I simply _could_not_ stay at home internetting, so I decided to go out to Come/Unity. I was slightly tired when I got there, and this being a weeknight and all I didn't want to partake in any sacrament. So I figured I'd get a few hours of dancing in and leave.

Boy was I wrong.

The crowd was incredibly energetic, number of people was just perfect, and, "the music was fantastique". Jeno was laying down an incredible set, and I *had* to dance. My first 45 minutes to an hour were spent on top of the corner speaker gyrating my life away. (The subject is in reference to a fantastic sign brought in by Geoff to last night's Come/Unity that he hung up over the crowd). I like the way they had the space laid out - they had a stage set up, where at most raves I would imagine they would place the DJ. Instead they placed the DJ in front of the stage, so that the DJ was always surrounded by dancing people, and those on the stage (including myself) could show off to the world how much we were enjoying the music. At one point before his set, Garth was up there dancing with us. Sweat dripping down me, I thanked god for in's and out's.

After coming back in I decided to check out the chill space, which was the first of many future chill spaces to be done by Malachi and Richard Sun. Very interesting, to say the least. They combined sitar music with some live spoken-word pieces, with samples of Terence McKenna, some random not- necessarily-ambient-house-ambient music.. and the setup controlling this was placed inside a wire-frame pyramid. Very odd. The beanbags were great, the people were great (had a very cool conversation with Moonpup), and I went back-and-forth between fast dancing and chilling several times.

The music ended around 6:30 or so, and the sunrise on the drive back was GORGEOUS. I even stayed up for a little bit and drove around location -hunting...