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The Alien DreamTime video was produced as a live multi-media event in San Francisco, on the evenings of February 26 and 27, 1993. The performance is divided into three movements, each reflective of Terence McKenna's ethnobotanical theories: Archaic Revival, Alien Love and Time Wave Zero.

McKenna's presence is combined with the entrancing visuals of Rose X and ambient techno improvisations by Space Time Continuum and digeridoo player, Stephen Kent.

Described by Mondo 2000 as, "spiralling vortices, flowing from nowhere into your reptilian stem...mesmerizing, eroticizing..." You'll soon find yourself swept into the lush, viridian reality of Alien DreamTime.

_________________________________________________________________ Reviews:


Alternative Press Magazine, Inc. Volume 8, Number 68 March 1994 Alien DreamTime may be one of the most meaningful projects to come out of Rave culture thus far. Represented to full effect by the video format, the 60-minute program mixes kaleidoscoped and fractalized computer generations with acquired images, videograms, live dancers and McKenna himself in a frequently stunning, unpredictable, visual melange. As duplicated on CD, Space Time Continuum's synthetic generators and Stephen Kent's organic didgeridoo blend comfortably together to create a stimulating trance soundscape over which McKenna ruminates on the development of the universe, early human paradise "on the mushroom-dotted plains of Africa," experiences with neurotransmitter/hallucinogenic DMT (including some hilarious speaking in tongues), the flowing quality of reality, and -- as he sees in body piercing, surrealism, rock music and catastrophe theory -- a "nostalgia for the archaic."

"Psychedelic plants are an enormous gift," McKenna asserts. "They've stabilized every society that has stabilized over historical time. And they could do it for us now, but we are phobic of it, because the cult of our civilization is the cult of the ego , the cult of control, monotheism.

"I really think youth culture, this new rave-house-ambient-trance music, whatever it is, and the psychedelic connection, can be used as the basis for a new political consensus that's radically different."

Sounding alternately pessimist and optimist, lighthearted and passionately serious, McKenna's arguments, both in interview and performance, show a rare level of contemplation. But not, he insists, much planning. "No, no, none of these things are rehearsed, it's all ad-lib. We've been doing it right here. We can send this to the Shamen and release it! No, it's called 'not being stupid!' Amazing! Miraculous! Line up at the door, folks, a liberal college education displayed for your astonishment! Ha, ha, ha, ha!"

_________________________________________________________________ ROSE * X MEDIA HOUSE

San Francisco has been dubbed the cradle of the interactive media revolution, but even within this hotbed, few artists are pushing the envelope more than Britt Welin and Ken Adams, collectively known as Rose-X. Over the past four years, the pair have quietly been building a reputation as crafters of seamless dreamscapes, exploring the convergence of erotica and technoshamanism within the context of video programming.

Their newest project, the longform video Alien DreamTime, is just the latest in a line of collaborations with Terence McKenna. Variously termed a radical sociophilosopher, an ethnobotanist, a technoshaman and a guru to Generation X, McKenna is also a prolific author and noted wit. Their first cooperative video endeavor, The Experiment At Petaluma, was hailed by Magical Blend as, " amazing visual and audio rendition of McKenna's latest thinking on psychedelics, virtual reality and visible language". Alien DreamTime is a celebration of this collective vision, further enhanced by the live setting and the ambient musings of Space Time Continuum and Stephen Kent.

Rose-X also produced Chaos/Gaia/Eros, a visual treatise on the psychedelic mythical roots of current Chaos Theory and radical environmentalism, with mathematician and musician Ralph Abraham. They were among the first visual artists to embrace the now-flourishing rave culture, creating lushly psycho-hypnotic visuals for the Toon Town interactive raves staged in San Francisco back in 1990. As authorities on the subject of technoshamanism, Rose-X have contributed to Mondo 2000, Magical Blend, Boing!Boing! and The Whole Earth Review and led seminars at the prestigious Esselin Institute.

Terence McKenna

"Mr. McKenna is a sure sign that Reagan-Bushism is dead and in the ground, and that a wilder social moment may be upon us." - Trip Gabriel, The New York Times

It seems that all the world has chosen to discover Terence McKenna in the past year. Ethnobotanist, radical sociophilosopher, guru to Generation X, prolific author and noted wit, McKenna has captured widespread attention through the theories outlined in his books -- True Hallucinations, Food Of The Gods, Archaic Revival -- in his frequent speaking appearances and his collaborations with rave musicians (most memorably with The Shamen on 1992's BOSS DRUM album). No surprise then, to find that the ultimate celebration of McKenna's techno-shamanic visions and the rave culture took place at an underground rave in the heart of San Francisco.


Liner notes from Alien DreamTime:

Produced by Rose*X All music performed by Space Time Continuum and Stephen Kent.

The didgeridoo is played with respect for the Australian Aborigines, in solidarity with all First Nation peoples and our relationship to the Earth.

A companion CD of the Alien DreamTime is available through ASTRALWERKS, 114 West 26th Street New York, NY 10001 All tracks published by Space Monkey Music/BMI

Cover Art: Nick Philip Layout and Design: Bryan Hughes special thanks to Jonathan Nelson

approximate running time: 60 minutes copyright 1993, Rose*X

Alien DreamTime Video Cover Alien DreamTime Video incorporates the hallucinatory visuals of Rose*X, Terence McKenna's transcendent rap and ambient musings from Space Time Continuum and didgeridoo-iste Stephen Kent. So enveloping it might even warrant a warning sticker for the faint of (psychedelic) heart.

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