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The Throne of Drones

Street Date - April 25 1995

Ascend to the THRONE OF DRONES, a CD compilation featuring outstanding works of articulate drone-oriented atmospheres produced by internationally acclaimed artists.

This CD portrays a nocturnal, less blissful approach to the "chill out" underworld. This somber bearing on the outskirts of ambient-noir inhabits the haunted interzone between classical electronic plunderphonics and the desolate, environmental tundras of isolationism.

Biosphere * Robert Rich * Steve Roach Vidna Obmana * David Darling * Jeff Greinke Maryanne Amacher * ISO-Ambient Orchestra Ray Guillette * Xopher Davidson Gregory Lenczycki * Rhythm & Noise * Naut Humon

PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED MATERIAL (Except for Biosphere's "En Trance")

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