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Sketches from Life (I-Angels on the Roof) is scored for one live and four pre-recorded string quartets; combining traditional and proportional notation in a score in which space equals time. Each quartet plays variants on more or less the same material, focusing on the tone of D. Slow paced, meditative rather than active, the piece weaves an extended fabric out of variations of register, color and attack, interspersed with passing harmonic showers, sustained chords, and brief forte outbursts. Duration ca. 8 min. 1985 Item number HH-S-1; Score $40.00

Just Imagine is scored for clarinet, horn, trumpet, trombone, vibraphone/glockenspiel, harp, two violins, viola, cello, string bass, piano and tape. Based on John Lennon's Imagine, and using the opening two measure vamp as an 'idee fixe' that is repeated throughout. The ensemble surrounds the quotation with a cloud of variously consonant and dissonant material, finally joining one verse from the recording with a traditional accompaniment before moving off into a long, much-extended conclusion based on Lennon's closing motive and harmony. Duration ca. 9 min. 1988 Item number HH-S-2; Score $40.00

A Far Off Place is the first of a five-part piece for large orchestra whose final duration will be ca. 45 min. This movement is ca. 9 min. Composed divisi, with each instrumental part notated on one of each of the pages' 100 staves. This part consists largely of a cloud of overlaid fragment, sometimes joined by sections of concerted material - sustained notes, instrumental chants, etc. The individual parts gradually coalesce into two large wave-bodies, which build up to and are finally shattered by a large orchestral explosion. 1983 Item number HH-S-3;$160.00. Special order, allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Howard Hersh Born in Santa Monica, CA, on April 16, 1940, Hersh studied composition at Stanford University. He has been very active on the West Coast in presenting new music as performer (piano, mallet instruments) and conductor. In the early 70's he was director of the San Francisco Conservatory's New Music Ensemble, which presented a series of landmark concerts in California and Europe. He is currently Director of Music Now, a Sacramento-based new music group. From 1967-69 he was also music director at radio station KPFA-FM. He lives and composes in the foothills of California's Sierra Nevada mountains.

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