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JAY CLOIDT is a composer, sound designer, and sound engineer working in the San Francisco Bay Area.

As a composer, he has collaborated with many San Francisco groups, starting with the late Ed Mock's group and including the Margaret Jenkins Dance Company, the Gary Palmer Dance Company, ODC-San Francisco, and Kronos Quartet.

Recent projects include a Meet the Composer commission for "Life Is Good ... And People Are Basically Decent", a new work for the Paul Dresher Ensemble; and "Karoshi", a piece for performance duo Basso Bongo.

In 1993, he wrote "Exploded View", a work for live performance using digital sampling electronics featuring Kronos Quartet and Mr. Cloidt as performers. He also works with Paul Dresher's "Looking West to the East" project as composer, and occasionally as sound engineer and performer.

As a sound designer, Cloidt worked with director Robert Woodruff at the La Jolla Playhouse. His design for the Paul Dresher Ensemble's SLOW FIRE won a Bay Area Critics Circle Award, and he received an Isadora Duncan Award in 1989 with Rinde Eckert for the sound design of Eckert's DRY LAND DIVINE. He also tours frequently as a sound engineer for Kronos Quartet.

A recording of Cloidt's composition "Light Fall" is available on the Inial Group CD "Views from the Perfect City: New Electronic Music from North America", and a compilation CD of his works, tentatively titled "Treadmill to Destiny", will be released in 1997 on MinMax.

Of his music, Cloidt says: "I like to feel that listening to my music is like being hit in the face with a pie, then discovering that the pie tastes pretty good."

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