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Core Dump Records is a new label dedicated to avant-garde, experimental and outlandish electronic music.

We are pleased to announce our first CD release:

Tim Walters: _The Dry Well_

_The Dry Well_ is a dark and emotionally charged musical work, created by extreme digital processing of acoustic sound sources.

The first three tracks ("Two-Thirds God," "Descent of Inanna," and "Under") are based on the Epic of Gilgamesh, a Sumerian legend that may be the oldest surviving work of literature. They evoke ritual, mythic journey, and the transition from the material to the spiritual realm.

The last three tracks ("For Want of a Nail," "Valence," and "The Dry Well"), by contrast, are based on the formal idea of achieving as much as possible with severely limited means. Every sound in the three pieces originated from a kalimba (African thumb piano) built by one Molly Clark, age 8. From this child's instrument, a wealth of sound was created, gradually moving away from "natural" kalimba tone and toward the realm of pure noise.


Welcome to Core Dump Records, a label dedicated to avant-garde, experimental, and outlandish electronic music that transcends scenes and genres. Because of our collective structure, all proceeds from Core Dump releases go directly to the artists.

For sound samples and ordering information, check out our web site at

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