downloaded from the web on june 14 1995 frog peak music catalog 285w

Upper and Lower California Larry Wendt

Narrative pieces using processed vocal and environmental sounds. From a series of personal remembrances on what makes post-apocalyptic California a really neat place to live in and be from.

Frog Peak Music Wen02, Cassette, price: $8.50

Guided Missile Favorites Larry Wendt

Explores the timbres of two DSP (Digital Signal Processing) instruments designed by Daniel Kelley. This tape is a historical record of the second unit, which subsequently became a sleek-looking body building aid and conversational keepsake.

Frog Peak Music Wen03, Cassette, price: $8.50

Bring Your Mom Too Larry Wendt

Sadness Without Brains (Eric Gatzert and Larry Wendt) is a duo of indeterminate number. A proponent of the post-"anything" school of performance (e.g. post-futurism, post-dada, post-Fluxus, post-industrial, post-modern, post-science, etc.), they are hopelessly lost in the sixties and will call their work anything which will get them a lot of air play. Performances include small hand tools, amplified auto parts, shortwave radios, stories, junk, and other assorted assemblages. This tape is packaged in a hand-built metal case that requires a Philips-head screwdriver to open.

Frog Peak Music Wen04, Cassette, price: $10.00

Live From Bakersfield Larry Wendt

A collection of construction sounds and gardening tools, an old car, a wall of construction wire, a television, a distraught art technician, microwave oven, bicycle, boat, gas stove, kitchen sink, a few moldy sofas, lots of other junk, and a large trash dumpster.

Frog Peak Music Wen05, Cassette, price: $8.50

Slowscan Vol. 3 Larry Wendt

Larry Wendt (Side 1) & Nicolas Collins (Side 2). Electro-acoustic applications to electronic music and sound poetry.

Frog Peak Music Wen06, Cassette,