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Appearing for the first time ever in an open to the public forum is Cobalt.

What is Cobalt you may ask? Cobalt is an all out experimentation with Aural and Visual Stimulation. Cobalt is made up of mostly found sounds and objects, with some limited traditional instrumentation to build a Somewhat Ambient, somewhat noise oriented, and sometimes percussion heavy sound.

The event is scheduled to take place on July 31st at Cactus Club where the doors will open at 8. Cobalt will make it's presence known at 9 PM when the noise shall begin. The Cactus Club can be found at 417 S. First Street, San Jose, California.

Following Cobalt will be somewhat more mainstream Electro-Industrial music By Terminus, Anal Kitty, Tarn and God Dog ...

The Cactus Club is 18 and over, and the show is FREE. (Those over 18 and under 21 may have to pay a small fee for a drink ticket to be allowed in)

Thank you for your time... Cobalt is The Way.