GAJOOB No. 7 Summer 1991 cassette culture mag from Utah copyright 157w

pg 37

Anal Sadist * Austere * difficult music * 1989 * 30 minutes, chrome * $4.00, query for trades * Turbine Cassettes, PO Box 4585, Santa Clara, CA 95054

1. Generated via Macintosh computer. 2. Recorded early morning after getting into an auto accident (3 a.m. and lots of blood), 3. band name comes from a friend's quote: "Chess is the ultimate form of anal sadism!" 4. new tape out in mid-August or September tentatively entitled "Glastnost." GAJOOB: Kind enough to include a dictionary definition of "austere," it states: "stern and unyielding in appearance and manner : forbiddingly severe. Marked by somber gravity and seriousness. Characterized by an abstemious rigidly self disciplined and sternly moral manner of living. Astringent to taste and marked by sourness or bitterness. Without ornamentation." The definitions fit perfectly. This is a cold tape of rhythmic, electronic harshness; simply constructed, and rigidly focused. SOUND: 3.5