ELECTRONIC COTTAGE ISSUE SIX JULY 1991. P.O. BOX 3637, APOLLO BEACH, FLORIDA 33572, (813) 645-4601 copyright 190w

Taped Rugs Productions is a label operated by Charles Rice Goff III to showcase recordings by his groups Herd Of The Ether Space and Disism as well as solo recordings.

I now have several cassettes by Herd Of The Ether Space (Goff and Killr Mark Kaswan, George Gibson, Robert Silverman), Including Other Than Random Moldulation (?jh), Beyond The Confessions Of Hiss, Tut's Slaves and Dada's Little Psycho.

You never know what to expect when you listen to a Herd cassette--it definitely makes for some strange and often downright bizarre listening. Much of the material is improvisationally-based sonic sculptures employing a vast array of acoustic instruments, strings, guitars, keyboards, percussion, tapes, electronics and voice. From silly and absurdist to dark reflections of man's inner and worldwide struggles to excursions into the outer limits of consciousness and the ether space!

One of their most recent cassettes, Noises Of War, is an ambitious live work concerned with the horror of and the world's dismay at the Persian Gulf War.

Contact 4312 Telegraph Ave., Oakland, CA 94609.