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The Master/Slave Relationship Sept. '95 webpage

Hi there!! Cybertzara specializes in unique CD-ROM titles and audio compact discs. We are dedicated to releasing products that fight the banal and mediocre in today's watered-down mass media. We're dedicated to giving the computer user and music listener something to think about instead of anesthetizing them into complacency.

Cybertzara is the brainchild of Deborah Jaffe, who is also the mastermind of the industrial musical entity: Master/Slave Relationship. For over ten years she has self-produced a unique brand of fetish music. In that decade she's released more than ten cassettes, one vinyl LP, and five compact discs with no government grants or federal funds of any sort, thus maintaining TRUE independence of content and spirit.


We are especially excited about Smut Picture Racket, the new CD-ROM by Deborah Jaffe. SPR is getting rave reviews and outrageous response from everyone who views it. See for yourself why. Alternative Press writes that SPR is: "...graphic, occasionally repulsive and disturbingly intimate..." You'll want to be sure to check out more details about SPR and all the audio releases listed below.


Smut Picture Racket The world's first S/M CD-ROM

The world's first pervy S/M interactive CD-ROM commemorating ten years of Deborah Jaffe's Master/Slave Relationship. In addition to the content, this project is unique in that Jaffe did it all herself -- from interface design, digitizing images, sound and video, to authoring and programming. This was not a team project! It is the vision of one woman, created entirely by one woman.

THIS CD-ROM INCLUDES: * Cross-platform hybrid Mac and Windows (one disc will play on both computers!) * 100+ minutes of music - almost every MSR song ever recorded! * Lyrics to all MSR songs * 3 wild morphs * 16 QuickTime video clips in the Peep Show * 161-page digital novel, Child Lieutenant Governor -- a disturbing and intimate diary of adult sadomasochistic relationships -- in readable or narrated form (hear Jaffe read the entire book!) * Hundreds of photographs and digital pieces of beautifully depraved art in the Extreme Gallery and throughout the CD-ROM * Lots of Jaffe's own brand of outrageous philosophy and musings * Includes two Macintosh versions: one for any Mac and a version that is accelerated for Macintosh Power PC * Easy PC installation -- does not change any system configurations * Includes QuickTime software (needed to play QT Videos) for both Mac & Windows * Comes bundled with FREE AUDIO CD!

Alternative Press writes of SPR:

"Alluringly and coherently designed, Smut Picture Racket is an aggressive, female-centered, artistic stab into the eye of the largely bland, male-dominated multimedia interzone..." Dan Dinello

Macintosh and Windows users: You're here because you want to see and hear something unusual, something you won't see anywhere else. We know you love unusual experiences. So we know you will love Smut Picture Racket.

As seen in Skin Two and Skin Two Online, Taste of Latex, PC Magazine, Alternative Press, Wave, Microtimes, Computer Currents and many more publications world wide! Plus, after only a month in release, SPR was exhibited at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art in an installation as part of the Utopia/Distopia exhibition. If you haven't seen SPR, you haven't seen anything on your computer.

SPR is about deviation from the norm. It's about music and emotion. It's about control and letting go. It's about all the things other CD-ROMs don't even come close to -- things other CD-ROM companies are afraid to explore. They wouldn't even dream of it.

And that's precisely why you would want it.


Music for a Sadomasochistic Scene Audio compact disc -- 72 minutes of music

Did you like the interim music on the Smut Picture Racket CD-ROM (for example the music at the 16 Sub Main screens, the Extreme Gallery, and the Discography)? Well, it is now available in each piece's entirety for your stereo audio CD player. Released on the Belgian label, Daft Records, known for releasing such artists as Esplendor Geometrico, Muslimgauze and Blackhouse. From the 8-page CD booklet, which features VERY VERY extreme images: S/M is still a difficult subject to approach. It seems, you either understand the concepts of control and consent, or you don't. It's not my job in this context to teach or educate. This CD is dedicated to those of you who do, indeed, understand."

You MUST be an adult over the age of 18 years of age to receive this CD. Cybertzara has only a FEW copies for sale; inquire about availability before ordering this item. Otherwise, you can order direct from: DAFT RECORDS Stationsstraat 116, 9120 Beveren, BELGIUM

Tracks include:

1. I. 2. II. 3. III. 4. IV. 5. V. 6. VI. 7. VII. 8. VIII. 9. IX.


My State of Evil Dreams Audio compact disc -- 75 minutes of music

This CD was released in the Netherlands on the renowned label Staalplaat. There are 15 tracks cultivated and remixed from the best material Jaffe has recorded over the past ten years. Includes fold-out poster designed by Staalplaat. A must-have for the MSR enthusiast and the curious. Quantities are somewhat limited. Order today!

Tracks include:

1. Get Carried Away 2. Getting Old 3. The heaviest 4. Embracing Power 5. Some dry hopeless mess 6. Throwing it to the wind 7. Sex War 8. Ground Zero 9. Lying in piss 10. The pain of the chains of love 11. Passage away from difficulty 12. Darkness 13. The love of a saint 14. My state of evil dreams 15. Swan Song


A New Explanation for Decadence Audio compact disc -- 50 minutes of music

Released on the Dragnet label in Germany. A bit softer, less abrasive, more reflective (?) -- hear MSR in a different light. Topics covered in short essays include: style, desire, decadence, anarchy, sadomasochism, feminism, pornography, the male sex object, and the mind. A really cool CD. Quantities are somewhat limited.

Tracks include:

1. Decadence 2. Andre Breton's Gun 3. Ewig Weibliche 4. That Beautiful Night 5. Jeux de Dames Cruelles 6. Siren 7. Let Go 8. Verboten (Look the Other Way) 9. Sadomasochism


This Lubricious Love Audio compact disc -- 56 minutes of music

This was originally released as a vinyl LP by RRRecords in Massachusetts. This version has been remixed and is co-released by RRR and MSR.

This CD was banned by the Canadian Customs Officials. Find out why. Reason enough to get it. Nuff said!!!

Tracks include:

1. The Pain of the Chains of Love 2. Woman with Black Leather Mask 3. Hate Love Dream 4. What Did You Do (Part 2) 5. The Perfect Ass F**k 6. Ten Inch Candles 7. This Lubricious Love


being led around by the tongue Audio compact disc & cassette tape -- 55 minutes of music

The very first CD by Debbie Jaffe. You gotta hear this, can't compare it to anything of this earth. Tracks include:

1. Hexus Sexus 2. The Desire to Castrate Father 3. 5 February 1916 4. My Pleasure Should 5. Pornographic Women 6. Force 7. Navy Blue Urinal Dervish 8. Excess. Freedom. Anger. 9. Wet 10. Where Will I Put My Viscera When I'm Through With It? 11. Electricity 12. Tongue Me

What reviewers and writers have said about Deborah Jaffe and MSR:

WAVE magazine July/Aug 1995 (about MICROTIMES Northern California's computer magazine) August 21, 1995 "Deborah Jaffe is a powerful, creative woman... Obscurity is part of Jaffe's artistic style and she's quite explicit about it, she doesn't like spoonfeeding people or making things too easy for them..." Jonathan E.

PROPAGANDA magazine Issue No. 20 "She is the master of the music she creates -- yet a slave to its primal rhythms and metallic melodies... It all combines to project a very dark sexuality that makes Madonna look like Mr. Rogers in drag..." Mike Hovancsek

FORCED EXPOSURE #14 Fall 1988 "...makes you feel like yr head's trapped in a freight elevator whooshing towards nowhere real fast..." Byron Coley

OPTION Mar/Apr 1988 "...This unique music reflects her sincerity and ability to deal seriously with a subject that few others have the nerve to." Jack Jordan

MUSIC FROM THE EMPTY QUARTER (U.K.) Issue #5 "...Debbie Jaffe is a person who understands her desires and fully intends to fulfill them. A Madonna for the deviant underground, perhaps?" John Everall