Wakened By Silence San Francisco Area Experimental Music 1991 booklet included with 2 cassettes in a box excerpts 479w

Wakened by Silence

"He who sleeps in continual noise is wakened by silence." -- William Dean Howells

I moved to San Francisco in 1988 without knowing anyone, knowing nothing about the music scene here. I had been mail-ordering music from all over for several years, but aside from a few groups I knew were here, I was basically starting from scratch. It didn't take very long to start meeting people, though; at the first show I attended in the city, I met people involved in the experimental music scene. Immediately thereafter, I found myself in the middle of a healthy scene, which has definitely grown since then.

Three years later, I'm extremely happy to be able to provide this document as an introduction to the San Francisco Bay area's experimental/industrial artists.

The only regret I have is that it isn't even longer. These 26 pieces, almost 120 minutes of music, only scratch the surface in this area. But this is a start. Don't be surprised if another volume surfaces in the future.

Many thanks, naturally, to everyone who participated in this compilation. Particular thanks are due to Alan at Auricular Records and Elden M of Allegory Chapel Ltd for helping me contact some of these artists.

-Mason Jones, November, 1991

Compiled by Mason Jones for Charnel House Productions. All songs (c) 1991 by the individual artists, all rights reserved. Compilation (p) 1991 by Charnel House Productions. Write for free catalog of music and other neat stuff: Charnel House Productions, P.O. Box 170277, San Francisco, CA 94117-0277 U.S.A.

Wakened by Silence

Tape 1, Side A:

Tel Basta / Court Dance / 2:00

Windowpain Industries / K.D. Laudarg / 4:24

Force / Missunderstanding / 3:04

Big City Orchestra / Schelmisch / 5:00

Anal Sadist / The Poor Sap / 5:00

Michael Gendreau / C-G P.l /2:38

Crawling With Tarts / Loops Let It Go / 3:10

Tape 1, Side B:

Allegory Chapel Ltd. Descent Into Boston / 5:33

The Solutionist / Angh Yah (excerpt) / 5:03

Mike Shannon / A Life Full of Perforation / 2:00

Waste Inc / Problems of Disunity /4:56

Seemen / We Have Talked About Many Things / 3:13

Haters / Fuchait 7 / 5:13

Tape 2, Side A:

Trance / A Celebrated Occasion / 5:30

Chemical Toybox / Dance of the Lubricants /5:26

R. Nance / Landscape I / 5:00

Homo Phlegm / Talking All That Talk and Ain't Saying Shit / 4:30

AMK / Railing Blues / 4:30

Para Coma / We've Seen It / 4:10

Tape 2, Side B:

Master/Slave Relationship / Song for Susan / 4:58

Nux Vomica / Monism Part I / 5:11

Turbo Messiah / The Collagen Boat / 5:05

David Tipton / The Ghost of Elvis / 5:00

The Somnambulist / Improv II (excerpt) / 4:12

Iao Core / Dna / 3:00

Typed by Cheryl Vega 5-20-95