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Sargeng: Jin Hi Kim with Elliott Sharp and Henry Kaiser. Music based on shape, texture and gesture rather than tone, harmony or rhythm with Kim playing kumungo, a korean six-stringed zither, and Sharp on guitars, sax, bass and computer sampling. Item number JHK-CD-1; Compactdisc $14.50

Jin Hi Kim A composer and Korean komungo virtuoso, Kim is a rarity: a musician fully trained in the complexities of Korean traditional music who has been able to integrate her Asain skill and sensibilities with the demands of the Western avant garde. After she completed her study of Korean traditional music at National High School of traditional music and Seoul National University, she came to America for further study and received an MFA degree in electronic music/composition at Mills college. Her music retains the timbral and microtonal subtleties of her Korean heritage while incorporating the similar concerns of experimental music. Whether she is working with electronics or with western or Korean instruments, she strikes a balance of delicacy and power that is unique and evocative. Increasingly well-regarded on the international new music circuit, her music has been performed worldwide, most prominently by Kronos Quartet and by leading chamber music ensembles such as Relache, the Fidelio Trio, San Francisco Contemporary Music Players and the California E.A.R. Unit, as well as by outstanding soloists.

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