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Tzadik O (7015) Mike Patton: Adult Themes for Voice The debut solo album from a performer/composer who has worked with Mr.Bungle, the Kronos Quartet, Faith No More, Bob Ostertag and many others. Experimental sounds never imagined possible from just voice and microphone. Adult Themes is a classic which will both surprise and delight Patton fans and newcomers alike.

Mike Patton's Debut album will be released to the public on April 30th. It is called ADULT THEMES for Voice. I would have to say that this album is a definite purchase for any hard core fans. Most people that just like Faith No More or Mr. Bungle for their music won't like this album. I personally think this is a great album. However, if you are looking for an album with Patton singing his own songs, or playing his own instruments, you won't find it here. These are Themes, not Songs.

"MIKE PATTON was born January 27, 1968 in Arcata, California. He is active primarily in rock and experimental/contemporary music circles as a composer and performer. He has worked with various ensembles and composers such as Mr. Bungle, Kronos Quartet, Faith No More, Bob Ostertag, Arto Lindsay, Bill Laswell, Boo-Yaa Tribe, Rova Saxophone Quartet, David Shea, Sepultura and John Zorn."

All themes composed by Patton for voice/microphone. Recorded and mixed in fine hotel rooms around the world using a TASCAM 4-Track Portastudio.

ADULT THEMES FOR VOICE Wuxiapian 2'12" "I Killed Him Like A Dog... And He Still Laughed" 0'56" Smog 0'45" The Man In The Lower Left Hand Corner Of The Photograph 1'47 " Robot Sex (Neon) 0'25" Screams Of The Asteroid 0'25" Robot Sex (B/W) 0'16" Porno Holocost 1'00" 3 Inconsolable Widows In Search of Distraction 3'09" "Hurry Up And Kill Me... I'm Cold" 0'06" Man Alone In Steambath 1'01" Guinea Pig 1 0'35" Guinea Pig 2 1'26" Guinea Pig 3 0'16" Guinea Pig 4 1'42" A Woman With The Skin Of The Moon 0'37" A Lizard With The Skin Of Woman 1'38" Catheter 1'18" "Fix It So The Bruises Don't Show" 1'20" Robot Sex (Watercolors) 0'24" A Ceremony Of Senses, An Alibi In The Red Light District 0'40" Butterfly In A Glass Maze 2'19" A Leper With The Face Of A Baby Girl 2'40" The One Armed Vs. 9 Killers 1'17" Pillow Biter 2'42" Raped On A Bed Of Sand 1'46 Violence5 2'17" Red Mouth, Black Orgasm 0'26" 4 Wuxiapian Fantastique 0'16" A Smile, A Slap In The Face, A Fart, A Kiss On The Mouth 0'26" Private Lessons On The Planet Eros 0'36" "Pneumonia With Complications" 0'13" Orgy In Reverb (10 Kilometers Of Lust) 4'53"

34 Themes = 43 Minutes