Op "P" March-April 1983 182w

RICHARD POVALL: Another Time, Another Place/End Music cassette (Povall, Mills Center for Contemporary Music, Oakland, CA 94613) Povall is a young composer from England, now a grad student at the CCM, interested in compositions dealing with recorded modification of a homogeneous instrumental texture. Both of these pieces are for live instrumentalist and tape (the first for saxophone, the second for trombone).

Another Time, Another Place is a kind of jazz/pattern music fusion work featuring the solo playing of altoist Magdelene Luecke. Povall produces some beautiful multi-tracked sax section playing, and the use of an old ribbon mike on the saxes give the work an even more distinctive sound. End Music is a long work for trombone and multi-track tape delay, and features the fine "extended" playing of James Fulkerson. The recording is a good documentation of the live performance version of the piece. Both of these works are enhanced by Povall's fine recording skills, and the sax piece is one of the newer pieces to come out of CCM -Larry Polansky

Typed by Cheryl Vega 6-11-95