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About R. Wiley Evans

R . Wiley Evans, composer and tuba player, is currently the sound support engineer at Sega and executive director of music next millennium, a non-profit organization committed to the proliferation of new and experimental sounds. He has written music for everything from full feature films to video games. Sweet Dreams Driving School, a film scored by Wiley in 1990, debuted at the American Film Institute in Washington D.C. He received top honors in experimental animation at the 1993 American Film Festival for the score that he did for Mummer. Wiley holds a bachelor's degree in music performance from San Francisco State University and a masters degree in music composition from California Institute of the Arts.

Grun Talde: The beginnings of a much longer tape piece.

Doy Ou!: Excerpt of a piece that I made of found sound from Europe.

SOME OF THE COMPOSERS THAT HAD AN IMPACT ON ME Morton Subotnick Steven "Lucky" Mosko Mel Powell Rosco Mitchell Captain Beefheart Mingus Monk Anthony Braxton John Cage Morton Feldman Nyman Pauline Oliveros Erika Duke IS AWSOME Karlheinz Stockhausen

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Compostion Program

Renowned for its innovative and comprehensive approach to training composers, the Composition Program provides a lively environment for cooperative learning. The faculty is comprised of widely acknowledged leaders in contemporary music. Composition Forums promote an atmosphere for shared learning and healthy experimentation. Both graduate and undergraduate programs emphasize developing the individual voice, while providing solid grounding in broadly applicable musicianship skills, theoretical and analytical training, exposure to musical literature, composition techniques and access to new technology.