cassette type 2 info from j-card typed by jh may 8 1995

Speed the Parting Guest

Live At The Berkeley Store Gallery

Speed the Parting Guest:

Eric Bergkvist: bass trombone, tuba Michael Gendreau: drum set, radio Chris Jonas: soprano alto and tenor saxophones Rand Mckean: B flat and bass clarinets, alto saxophone

side A: I. a/b ... c ... a/b II. short III. II III I IIII IV. short(Trio) V. Ad As Ad VI. Buka Wd

side B: VII. Bell Piece VIII. Gate IX. short(Cresh.) X. short(Multifonic) XI. short(Noises) XII. a/b ... c ... a/b

Recorded July 16 1991 at the Berkeley Store Gallery in Berkeley Ca. on a Sony Pro Walkman with a tiny stereo microphone.

All compositions STPG except V: E. Bergkvist VI: M. Gendreau

Recording and cover glyph: Suzanne Dycus Announcer: Adam Goldberg Thanks to Ben Goldberg

ASP 633 Cleveland Street #4 Oakland Ca. 94606 USA (c) Speed the Parting Guest 1991