Electronic Cottage Issue Five January 1991 copyright 406w

= page 21-23 (excerpts) =

Celebrating Entropy: the conceptology of haterdom. selected performances by G.X. Jupitter-Larsen & The Haters

12/4/1986 san francisco Three members of The Haters would take turns damaging phonograph records and then playing them on a stereo. After having been played, each record would then be thrown into the gallery audience. After awhile, the audience started throwing the records back at the performers.

13/4/1986 san francisco On a club stage, three members of The Haters sat abreast. The middle performer was popping small balloons, while each performer to either side of him was cutting up a painting. Performance lasted ten minutes.

15/8/1987 san francisco The stage was a gallery full of onlookers. Four members of The Haters performed by tearing up numerous large sheets of paper. during this performance, the tearing and some pre-recorded sounds of fire were amplified. Performance lasted 25 minutes.

19/8/1987 san francisco In the basement of an video production studio, for 24 minutes, A.M.K. watched Jupitter-Larsen watch blank static on a TV set.

11/6/1988 san francisco Five members of The Haters were all dressed in white. White paper was ripped. White fabric was torn. White glass was smashed. White metal objects were thrown about. The pre-recorded sounds of static & metal crushing were amplified. Performance lasted 25 minutes.

5/8/1989 san francisco Staged in a gallery. A member of The Haters broke his way out of a locked garage-bin, while four other members destroyed junk around it. Performance lasted 15 minutes.

12/8/1989 santa cruz In the centre of a club stage, Jupitter-Larsen sat still and looked at an empty garbage-can. During the whole performance, white noise was amplified. Entitled "Observing Dust," this performance lasted 25 minutes.

17/2/1990 san francisco Phonograph records were mangled in an electrically-powered box-shaped machine with two rolls of rotating teeth. One after another, a record would be shoved into the top of the device and get mashed in between the teeth. Out from the bottom tiny little bits of vinyl would spray out all over the place.

2/3/1990 san francisco Using different coloured jelled mixtures of gasoline & detergent, abstracts were first rendered on a variety of surfaces and then ignited. Painting with napalm. This was the 100th performance and it was entitled "Not an image of the Totimorphous."

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