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HATERS "Sweet Austerity" 10" (Commercial Failure)

Jeeeesus... The Haters do kind of old-school noise - not so much based on extreme amp feedback and tons of effects, but more on tape loops and bizarre instrumentation. The four tracks on this vinyl range from the sound of car crashes looped over and over to glass being shattered, and all of it is distorted to hell and back. It's a consistent, violent noise, but it has a nicely crude feel to it. Oh, and the vinyl is cut to play the first track on each side regularly, and the second track plays from the inside out. Fun to watch, ecstacy to listen to. [grievous]

Haters "Rot" 7" (apraxia)

Jesus christ, what a fucking RACKET. This is the most painfully loud thing i've heard yet in the Haters' repertoire - vicious, grinding sounds interspersed with chaotic metal banging and glass breaking. Both sides are awe-inspiring but side a's "Rubbish Often Tears" is probably one of the most violent, crude noise attacks i've heard yet. [grievous]