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Artist: Haters Title: "Sweet Austerity" Genre: Hatecore Medium: 10 Label: Commercial Failure Date added to database: September 20, 1995 Partial track listing: "Brisk Blaze", "Kaboom", "Kapow", "Random Cross Sections", "Through"

KFJC new album review (September 20, 1995) G.X. Jupiter Larsen delivers 10 more inches of what he does best. Track 1: "Kaboom" is sparse by normal hater's standards yet still slaps the listener across one side of the face while track 2 "Kapow", smashes the other with the force of a twenty car pile-up, with fatalities. On Side II, track , "Random Cross Sections", is basically a remix of "Kapow" and savages the psyche with even more car crashing and mind bending aural confusion and chaos. The final cut, "Brisk Blaze" is likewise a remix of "Kaboom". Warning, the second track on each side plays from the inside *out*. What more could you want ?

- Mr. Hate