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Here are a few reviews....

the Haters--- Breakthrough 7" -------------------------- the Haters break stuff. What did you expect? It's more layered rather than a live recording of shit getting crushed and smashed, but still apparent in its origins. I'm gonna send G___X a calculator... I hate them fucking things. Especially the solar ones.

the Haters--- Truncated Formica 7" ------------------------------- I liked this one better. The Haters broke more stuff. Not to mention that it seems more layered, more 'intense.' I guess it doesn't do as much as breakthrough to promote the idea of violence as abitrary rather than malevolent... but i like it a wee bit more.... but wait, breakthrough is prettier in packaging, which is more important.

Fuck it, truncated formica came with a postcard of this thug in a ski-mask and leather gloves(not OJ, some white guy), saying, " The Haters care about YOU," and that is PACKAGING, my friends.

the Haters---- The Subsequent Rip TAPE, the ideal format-- C-2 --------------------------------- That's right folks, the last Haters tape. I'd be pretty fucking annoyed with this 2-minute tape if i had to turn it over every minute... hell i'd throw it out the fucking window to tell the truth. Fortunately i've always been a lazy fuck so my tape deck does all the dirty work. One minute is layered samples of them hole-punch things i used to stick up my nose in kindergarten--- hey some of you masochists out there still punch holes in you nose so get off my case--- the other minute is 'over-modulated' recordings of paper tearing.

It's a shame the Haters include casettes in the list of shit they hate, because this is entertaining to listen to and works better on tape than it ever would have on any other format (except maybe 8-track). Comes in a slick vinyl box (i shouldn't even tell you that. Encouraging a package fetish isn't nice).