IO XAVIER: Radio World (Do Speak, 4188 Greenwood #15, Oakland, Ca 94602) Otherwise known as Joseph Jacobs, this electronic composer has a reputation for working with rough-edged industrial groups such as Factrix (which also featured the outstanding Minimal Man). This record, however, is a very subdued, classically influenced movie soundtrack. (It might be more accurate to describe that influence as romantic; Xavier cites Mahler as his inspiration.)

Strangely enough, the most classical (or romantic) pieces are also the most intriguing. Spanning all of side 2, they range in mood from eerie to melodramatic, but remain distinct and convincing throughout.

Side 1, on the other hand, covers a somewhat more familiar, less effective ground. Most of this is unexciting "progressive" rock, and the most exciting song, the title track, pays a bit too much homage to Tangerine Dream. While the second side can be a treat if you're in the right mood, side 1 needs a movie screen in front of it. -Richard Singer

Typed by Cheryl Vega 6-12-95