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ND (Daniel Plunkett): What's the difference between what you call conceptology and your untitled ideology?

GX Jupitter-Larsen: Conceptology is a verb; it's the act of multi-dimensional thinking in which ideas are broken up and collaged into new concepts. my untitled ideology is a term eye use to refer to the overall relationships between all of my obsessions. So because eye am obsessed with logic as the wreckage of thought, one by-product of my untitled ideology is conceptology.

ND: Some people think that you are just trying to be weird when you say that you are from nowhere, instead of saying that you're from a particular place. What do you say to this?

GX: Eye only state that eye'm from nowhere in particular because eye want to be completely sincere. Some people think that sincerity is weird. Those people have dull souls. As eye understand where it is eye'm from, the only term that is accurate is the term, "nowhere in particular". Eye'm a nomad; and the world we live in is always moving, carrying all the addresses along with it. Places move as much as people do. People are nomads, places are nomadic. Eye think the inherent poetry of the term "nowhere in particular" is most efficient in illustrating this dynamic.

ND: With your latest release we get a broken piece of plastic packaged in a small grey jewelry box. With this comes four cards with liner-notes which tell us that this broken piece of plastic is a record and that this record is played by pouring water over it. What about this?

GX: My fourth Lp, which eye've entitled "Oxygen is Flammable" is just what you've described; a broken piece of plastic that you run water over in which to hear. My third EP was a silent record in which you completed by scratching before you played it on the stereo. My second Lp was a blank disk which you play by rubbing dirt onto it instead of using a stereo. With this new release eye want to start getting away from the idea that an audio record has to be some kind of phonograph record or even a disc. Eye'll still be involved with phonograph record, cassette and CD projects; eye just don't want to limit my vocabulary.

ND: A lot of people think that what you're up to is just a big joke.

GX: The only people who would think that are those who don't have anything serious to say or do themselves. People who don't understand what it means to think for one's self and to live for one's self. Eye mean everything eye say and do.

ND: Other than the statements you make, what else do you do?

GX: The statements eye make are just minor by-products of my life; the tatoos on the body of work. For my work is my life. What eye do is live; eye travel, eye travel about most of the year. What eye do is think my own thoughts instead of any culture's.

ND: You don't see yourself as a member of society?

GX: No, not in any way really. Society is not the only game in town; so human experience shouldn't be limited to it. Just because eye'm at a concert doesn't mean eye'm a member of the band, or the audience for that matter.

ND: So why make art if it isn't political?

GX: Self-growth. Eye do it as a catalyst for myself. Eye do it as a kind of reference point so eye can keep track of my life.

ND: But couldn't you still be oppressed by society?

GX: Sure, but just because you could get killed by a wild animal, doesn't mean you are a member of the same species. One shouldn't limit one's self to what a culture's leaders and critics orchestrate as thinkable and unthinkable. One should go beyond narrow issues like government versus anarchy, war versus peace, and good versus evil. One shouldn't just question a culture's conduct, but question the culture itself.

ND: Sounds like you were getting political there for a second.

GX: War and anarchy are a culture's attempt to interpret chaos as a linear pattern. Chaos itself is alinear.

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