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The Haters - "Facts on the Polywave" CD/Video

G.X. Jupitter-Larsen is a multi-disciplinary artist. He is Canadian but living in San Francisco. He is especially interested in the destructive elements of daily life, but emphasizes the constructive sides of it. Larsen translates his interests in several ways: performances, audio releases, installations, essays etc. A important project consists of The Haters, a group with a changing cast, that mainly is concerned with performance art

In this release Larsen fills in one way to look at architecture in relation with the electronic media. But the CD/video is also an abstract collaboration with the listener. By hiding sound pieces in the breaks of the numbers, and replacing breaks by soundpieces, not only the concept of programming has changed, but also the concept of what is sound and what is not, or is silence another way to compose music?


Hater TV

Reality being the very nature of irrationality itself. It is easy to understand why reality is the nature of irrationality when one understands that reality is just a nonrelationship between some particular motions.